Tuesday, May 30, 2006

So Much Irony

Church Leader Says He Was Lured into Abramoff Web

(Don't miss the response from DeLay's PR guy. It's guaranteed to make you chuckle.)


homo escapeons said...

Buck 'em is exactly what he did to our nice little pastor.. Well it's pathetic really, there is no other way to describe it. Talk about naivete.
Well if Jeff Skilling and Ken Lay can get their dues for Enron, maybe, just maybe, they'll get DeLay.
I think that it will take Elliot Richardson to do it but it would give him a shot at the presidency down the road(like he doesn't have that already).
Tom Delay is a dangerous neo McCarthyesque figure and his new Quixotic venture to recapture Family Values for America is a terrifying proposition to those who treasure the separation of church and state.

However, with his guardians plummeting, make that free falling, in the polls, DeLay will eventually be hung out to dry. What a shame. Guess what Tommy boy,what goes around....

homo escapeons said...

..and further more the quasi Theocracy fronting BIG OIL that is presently in power has done irreparable harm to your country that will take a generation to repair!
Elmer Gantrys like DeLay should be quickly dealt with to destroy the insidious LOBBY cartel that dominates your political system. It is so blatantly obvious to the rest of the world that big business has free reign at the White House.
I'm not sure if the American public has the slightest notion of how despised (and feared) their country has become around the world.The huge military showcase of Memorial Weekend didn't help.

From the getgo in Florida it was apparent that something was askew and the Bigger the Lie theory carried the momentum all the way to another war that cannot be won. Even the Generals knew back then that you don't unleash thousands of Iraqi soldiers into the ether to eventually take up arms against you. That coupled with the severe logistical nightmare of an invasion force one tenth of the required size to complete it's objective sealed the fate of the so called liberation of Iraq.

Watching a doc on NAM this week discussing the miscalculations of the US Army in Vietnam I remember the words of an old viet cong soldier.
When they came out to look at the ambushed American soldiers he said that they looked like giants compared to them. He said that he didn't know why they were invading his country. "I guess they thought that we were rich".
Now my heart goes out to those brave young men and women over there but the deja vu of Nam is well under way and history will not be kind to the instigators of that war.

I hope that a reasonably quick resolution is just around the corner. America does not have ten more years to stir up other hornets nest in the Middle East with this one in Iraq still in it's infancy.
sorry for the verbose rant... I didn't even get to Abramoff did I?
He's small potaters anyway, DeLay is the prize.

Darius said...

Yeah... the more corrupt things get, the more innocence grows, especially as you get closer to the top of the hierarchies.