Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hooray for OC!

Just thought it was amusing to look at Wikipedia's list of Most Vandalized Pages and find dear old Oklahoma Christian right up at the top.

The summary is particularly amusing:

Vandalized a lot given nondescript nature of the school. Students there vandalize page, employees there revert it.


connor said...

So is it possible to create my own entry in wikipedia? If so, then please lets create the new Connor entry in wikipedia. I'm so vain.

Darius said...

I was amazed at the number of vandalized pages in journals and magazines in grad school. Doing one research paper, in particular, I wound up being unable to use something like the top 3 references I'd identified!

So the vandals had a big impact on the final look of my paper. (I think I got an A on it though, so maybe they helped...)