Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Pulitzer Images

In case you missed them, here are some Pulitzer-prize winning images taken by Associated Press photographers in Iraq. (The Pulitzer site isn't exactly link-friendly, so click on the green 2005, select Breaking News Photography and then click the Works tab.)

If you're up for some lighter fare, select Editorial Cartooning from the Pulitzer 2005 site. You'll be able to enjoy some excellent cartoons commenting on the Iraq war and other political issues in these United States. (You can also view Nick Anderson's cartoons on the Courier-Journal web site.)

The cartoons, I think, tend to inflame readers and prod them into talking about topics such as the Iraq war, and Christianity, and SUVs.

The photos, on the other hand, inject some needed humility, and also some urgency, into our discussions. Photographs remind us that in Iraq, real people - both soldiers and civilians - continue to live in harm's way. And for these people, the war is something that can't be safely restricted to barbershops, bars and blogs.

Yes, there are other tragedies. And some of them are more wasteful and terrible than this war in Iraq. But this might be the one that US citizens are most responsible for.

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