Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Climate Change

You may find this article from NewScientist interesting:

Climate change: A guide for the perplexed


Connor said...

A medical doctor and author told me this is all BS and he can't be wrong. I still worry everyday that some imbecile on the floor below me at school might unleash a swarm of deadly nanobots.

Steve said...

Way back in 1991 I heard a talk by a scientist where I work about the accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere and global warming. My first instinct was to accept what he said. But subsequently I would occasionally hear things from the skeptic side and I have given them the benefit of the doubt for a long time while thinking that eventually one or the other side would prove out. Well, it is now clear that the skeptics are wrong and that the denial of global climate change is a right wing conspiracy and for some of them a money making industry. It is now clear that they are wrong.

I'll put this link up on my blog too.

Rajpaul said...

I have long been skeptical of global warming as being dramatically caused by human action. My partner believes the whole thing is completely a fact. This used to cause some friction between us. No longer.

I came to the realization that even if you don't believe in human-caused global warming, you should believe in the same actions that those who believe in global warming call for.

They are calling for less pollutions. Even if you think global warming is a big lie, why whould you be against reducing pollution? Why would you be against protecting forests and trees? Why would you be against reducing the number of exhaust-outputting cars on the road? Why would you be against less output of smoke from factories and such? I just don't know.

Perhaps it comes from having lived in a major urban area with air quality that can get so bad that my eyes are watering and my sinuses are all stopped up and I just feel like crap because I am all for that stuff. No amount of allergy therapy can do anything about it because it is pollution, not pollen. I am still skeptical about the whole Global Warming, but I believe in those steps Al Gore mentions at the end of his "Inconvenient Truth". I'd love to get away from using gasoline for my car ($3.45/gal for gas at the cheap places around here lately). Actually, I've already sold my car, I share the one with my partner and take the bus and ride my bike to work.