Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Get wet

Hunh. I guess today's a day for baptism.

From Pastor K at South Bay Christian Church:
Anne Lamott writes that "Christianity is about water. 'Everyone who thirsteth, come ye to the waters.' It's about baptism… It's about full immersion, about falling into something elemental and wet. Most of what we do in worldly life is geared toward our staying dry, looking good, not going under. But in baptism, in lakes and rains and tanks and fonts, you agree to do something that's a little sloppy because at the same time it's also holy, and absurd. It's about surrender, giving into all those things we can't control: it's a willingness to let go of balance and decorum and get drenched."

And, if you're the audio-visual sermon illustration type, here's yer fix, courtesy of Steve Allison:


scoots said...

I love it.

Cody said...

I saw that somewhere before. Where was that?

I swam back and forth in the baptistry at my home church while they sang the pre & post baptism songs, just for the heck of it because I was in high school.

I also remember a story about a nude swimmer in a see-through baptistry. Is that a church legend?