Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Great Britain held hostage by ... Harding?

OK, I feel bad about all this off-site linking - it makes me feel like a lazy blogger - but you ACU and Harding folks shouldn't miss this one. It seems that Harding's new missions globe has ... um ... misplaced Great Britain by a few thousand miles.

No wonder those Brits are post-Christian! We obviously can't find them so that they can be re-evangelized!

Click the image to visit the Lame-O Weblog of Mark Elrod, who teaches at Harding.

And speaking of Mark Elrod, does anybody know an ACU professor who has a blog, much less a blog as interesting as Elrod's?


Mark reports that Great Britain has been returned to its rightful place. Whew. That was fixed rather quickly, though. I wonder ... how easy is it to move those continents around?

Also, Colby suggests reading the blog of (ACU Associate Professor) Richard Beck.


Greg Kendall-Ball said...

I think Cole Bennett has a blog, but I haven't been there in a while.

I think ACU isn't restrictive enough to force professors into venting through the internet. Either that, or they're too busy writing/researching to engage in the endeavor.

Colby said...

Elrod... the very name makes my blood boil. Not because I don't like him, he's actually a very cool guy, and his political views are very out of place in the Buckle of the Bible Belt which makes me happy. No, it's because of his devious and black-hearted exam week antics.

I took Elrod for International Relations and had an A all year long. When the final rolled around he gave us a study guide complete with a series of terms that would be multiple choice. When I showed up for the exam that section turned out to be fill-in-the-blank, I failed the final and dropped to an 89.

Nevermind the fact that I only studied enough to barely scrape by, or that getting a B instead of an A isn't really that big of a deal. No, the point of this story is that it really ticked me off at the time.

Great Britain would have a much nicer climate if floated to the equator. They should consider it.

Oh and Richard Beck has a blog.

Mark Elrod said...

The crisis is over; GB is back where it belongs.

I have never used multiple choice for the key terms section on my final exam and the terms were posted all semester on my webpage, as they are now. I always go over the format for the final on the first day of class and I have never changed it at the last minute. I can probably produce a syllabus for you from that semester if necessary.

Matthew said...

Did Mark just get sassed by both Greg and Colby?

Did Colby just get sassed by Mark?

You people sure are sassy today.

Matthew said...

Have I mentioned that I like the word "sass"?

Maybe I haven't. But I do.

Colby said...

@Mark - No, no. There's no need to produce a syllabus. I admit, I was a bad student -- I didn't read the syllabus, study well for the exam, or even do a good job of waking up for class. But if you don't mind I'd still like to direct my anger somewhere other than at myself :)