Saturday, October 29, 2011

Agora: Meta

This is the meta post, where we can talk about Agora (as opposed to your in-character comments, which ostensibly happen in Agora).

If you're playing along, you may want to subscribe to comments on this post, as well as the summary post, in case there's anything interesting going on.


Matthew said...

Vincent, regarding your question about comment moderation: I don't think I have comment moderation on, or at least I'm not aware of approving any comments. Is there a long delay between when you post and when it appears?

More generally: this is fun! If things get slow, I may poke it a bit to try and give us a little more plot (people brains like plot) but for now we appear to be cruising.

Vincent said...

Thanks for answering my deleted comment. I got confused. There is a conversation going on at another site with comment moderation. It was only when my comment appeared immediately that I realised my mistake, so I deleted it!

Yes, it's good the way it is going, I think.

crystal said...

Matthew, thanks for the comment about blogging. BTW, I hope your son is doing ok.

Matthew said...


Sorry I missed this comment earlier. My son is feeling better every day, although long-term outlook is not good.


You'll need to crank up the MC and do whatever you want with it. Don't worry about doing anything wrong.