Friday, April 22, 2011

Holy Week(end)

I was thinking I needed to share something for Holy Week, and lo and behold my friend Chad provided. Interpret it however you like.

The band's name is Typhoon, and the song is "The Honest Truth".


Paul Martin said...

Up until the line "It's just an empty room," I think I have kind of a coherent take on what the words would mean to me. But this gets undone by the rest of it - about hell and the devils.

Basically I'm thinking it's saying something like "Now we see in a mirror dimly, then face to face." But all of a sudden there's the hell detour.

Matthew said...

Apparently this is song is a combination of previous songs, or an elaboration on a previous song, which has more explicit platonic imagery (the "empty room" is pretty obviously the cave in the analogy of the cave). I think the ideas at the end of the song roll out something like this:

- be kind
- this is something i'm just figuring out
- we're all seeing shadows instead of the truth
- unkindness, complaint and so forth are self-destructive

And that's what I think is going on at the end of the video: he heads down to the basement to exorcise those self-destructive demons. But I suppose he might also drop the bat in the next shot and make friends with his downstairs neighbor. Both make some sense to me.

Paul Martin said...

Sounds like the video helps. My screen has to be dark and I didn’t watch it.

To me an improvement on “Platonic Dualism” that I could subscribe to would be “Platonic We’re Probably Not Exactly in a Position to Fully Get This.”

crystal said...

Hi Matthew - just wanted to say I hope your son is doing alright.

Matthew said...

Hello, Crystal!

He's recovering from transplant and is feeling good. His hair is even growing back. It's very fuzzy and cute.

We can't be confident that the cancer is gone for another 3 to 5 years, but today he is feeling good and that's super.

Thank you for thinking of us. It means a lot to be remembered.

crystal said...

That's great. I'll keep thinking good thoughts.