Monday, January 24, 2011

Help me out here ...

What, exactly, is the difference between a "prayer warrior" and just any old person who prays?


Vincent said...

I think I prefer ecumenism to liberal Christianity, if liberal Christianity is to indulge in mockery and widen perceived gaps; which is a game similar in spirit to those played out in pagan Rome for the spectators at the Coliseum. In other words, a blood sport.

Vincent said...

In other words why do liberals have to pick on their opponents, and vice versa, have to pick on their opponents in these unseemly ways?

Matthew said...

I think this is a legitimate question, asked in a pointed but not a nasty way, and your criticism of my "unseemly ways" kind of hurts my feelings.

Vincent said...

I feel bad for hurting your feelings now, Matthew! I think we are both musing privately yet publicly, both slightly bemused. I am sorry to hurt your feelings, but I wanted to speak as it were to the whole of America, and chose you precisely because your feelings could be hurt, that is because you are sensitive, and in my clumsy way I approve of where I think you stand.

It seems to me that there is a huge national game going on, and of course it is not confined to America; may not even have originated in America. But America often leads, I mean others follow.

And what I see is the sport of defining oneself by what one is against, rather than what one is for.

And the danger there is that one may lose track of what one is for and why.

Analysing my mangled second comment, which suffered from incomplete editing, I meant “unseemly” to apply to both sides but perhaps more to the opponents of liberals. But not at all to you personally.

Matthew said...

> And what I see is the sport of defining oneself by what one is against, rather than what one is for.

I agree. Thank you for explaining.

Cody said...

I was going to say, "Prayer Helmet and Prayer Sword."

But after reading these comments, I'll not say that. I'll just keep it to myself.

Anonymous said...

Spear and Magic Helmet, Cody?

I think its a way for people to feel they are doing something. I'm not sure why we feel we have to pump up the people who are praying for someone or something. Praying is what it is: Praying. I think its part of the whole "Look at me, I'm special" mentality we have in America.. or in the world, not sure.

Though I think its harmless. Maybe them "old folks" need to feel they can still "Fight"?


Smartiniz said...
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Smartiniz said...

It might be a way of filling a lexical gap... I mean, in English we generally add the "-er" ending to a verb to mean someone or something that does that action. So, someone who prays for you SHOULD be a "prayer." Except, of course, we already use that word to mean something else. So, we needed to find another way to express the concept of "a person who prays."

Add to that Christianity's long-term love-affair with martial terms, and you get "prayer warrior."

Matthew said...


Except it's the young folks who use it as much as the "old folks". But maybe you're onto something and it's a way to feel powerful when you're actually powerless. Which I would argue is a kinda bad thing.


That's a really interesting observation, and it makes a lot of sense. But I'd think if that were the case, then there would be other bridges for that lexical gap: "prayer maker", or prayer ... um ... something. Anybody seen any of these?