Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Sea of Faith

So, all you loyal Philosophy Bites podcast listeners ... what did you think of this one?

Don Cupitt on Non-Realism about God

I think I feel about Cupitt like I feel about other liberal theologians ... the deconstruction is spot on, but the reconstruction falls kind of flat. "God is life?" Meh.


Paul Maurice Martin said...

Shoot, can't do audio at the computer anymore...

By "life" does he mean it literally? Seems too... finite. And diverse. And maybe tenuous. It could even be that it's only on this one little planet.

Matthew said...

I'm not sure, I'd have to read more of his stuff. It sounded like he meant "the life that people experience", including friends, family, eating, sleeping, etc, but he does't really unpack it much in this short podcast.

Oh, and BTW, I meant that thing I said about "liberal theologians" to include myself ... even though I'm just an armchair theologian. =P