Friday, March 24, 2006

May He Zane Forever

OK, I know you're all excited to get to Romans, but you're just going to have to hold your horses.

Some of you know Zane Williams, who graduated from ACU 5 or so years ago. He's been trying to make it in Nashville singing songs, and now he has a song competing in the annual John Lennon Song Contest.

Zane's song Hurry Home, is one of two finalists in the Country music category. You can go to the song contest site, listen to both songs, and then vote on the one you like best.


You can also go to Zane's site and read about the contest. I'm not sure, but I think this puts me at two degrees from Kevin Bacon.

Oh, and if you're a blogger and you like Zane's music, consider yourself tagged. Go post the links for the contest so all your readers can vote for Zane too.

Oh, and if you get a chance, I also recommend "Blues on Sunday" by Cadence (Jazz) and "Turn up the Faders" by Nathan Asher & The Infantry (Electronica). And both the hip hop entries are good. However, I do NOT recommend either of the gospel songs. I guess they're not terrible, just extraordinarily mediocre.

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