Monday, July 18, 2005

Two Assertions

1. Management is easy to do poorly and hard to do well.

I base this assertion on my experience, the experiences of Bryan and Paul, and, anecdotally, the general bungling of the Bush administration. (Guess where Dubya got his degree.) But I suppose there might be counterexamples ... anyone have stories about good managers they've known? And what made them good managers?

By the way, thanks for your suggestions about my family's church situation. I'm going to process those ideas for a little while longer, and I'll post about them later.

2. This is going to be an interesting site.

I hope its writers succeed in making themselves heard despite the annoyingly loud rhetoric of those who equate Christianity with conservatism.


life_of_bryan said...

I think there's a definite difference between a good manager of people and a good manager of expectations - or the internal political process.

No stretch here -- I tend to appreciate the ones who are good managers of their teams, or the ones with at least have a balance. In the other case, the ones who "manage up" as their sole focus, at the expense of mismanaging the people & functions they own, tend to really drive down the morale & productivity of their teams.

We had a great Director of our organization for the first few years I worked at this place. You could tell he was one of those that just gets it. He was sharp, personable, confident, and straightforward with a business sense/common sense approach. Of course, he was managed out of the business by his peers since he focused on doing the right thing for the company and for his team instead of playing yes-man to the political power players in the company. What a crotch kick.

The replacement tends to beat down a lot of my colleagues with mindless busywork and no knack for prioritization, but he plays politics really well...

Faith in Florida said...

i can't remember how i got to your site, but wanted to say hello and i enjoy it, will be back:)

Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

I had a couple of great managers, a couple of horrible managers, and a bunch of okay managers.

The ones that were great where all like the cool aunt or uncle that you respect and want to be friends with at the same time. That you can really talk to and have them listen and give great, non-judgemental advice. They really were good people.