Thursday, June 23, 2005

It's Thursday Already?

Ok, Ok, I said I would post on Monday, but I lied. Gone to our national users conference for work; scarcely time to breathe, much less write.

Now it's over, though, and I have some time to reflect, particularly on things that I've eaten. The conference was in San Antonio, so we ate on the Riverwalk several times. I know this is off-topic, but if you're going to San Antonio, Texas any time soon, try the following places on the Riverwalk:

Fancy kind of Southwestern stuff. They make guacamole at your table. It's fun.

Italian. Calamari made from strips of giant squid, apparently. Don't miss their appetizers.

This restaurant is on the second level. Don't go to the pizza place on the first level. I recommend the Tortellini Victoria with shrimp. Yum.

Don't go to:

Rio Rio
Not so great. They served my margarita in a tumbler. What's that all about?


Dan Carlson said...

Rio Rio is overhyped. Paisano's is great. Check out Tomatillo's on Broadway, just north of downtown, for glorious Mexican.

[I mean glorious Mexican food, although I'm sure there could be some glorious Mexicans there, as well.]

Kyle said...

I went to Rio Rio last weekend and I concur. Margaritas for 10 bucks? They were decent, but 10 bucks? I wasn't drinking, thank God, so my wife got to spend money on drinks for the both of us.

The food was pretty good, I thought, but we would have preferred Casa Rio. (The wait was outragious) Classic Tex/Mex and cheap. I agree about Paisano's. Been there, like it.

laughingjack said...

I thought Boudros was a Cajun name, myself, and dangit there was too much orange juice in the guacamole. It should be a nice smooth, tart and creamy flavor (if you're not sure how that works, I'll make some for you). I was there more for the company than the food when I went anyway, but still good food.

The Rocky mountain Chocolate factory.. good people..